• GvH Wissenschaftspreis Carsten Binsack

    on Holtzbrinck Preis für Wissenschaftsjournalismus 2014

    ECO Media author Carsten Binsack was awarded with the Georg von Holtzbrinck Preis für Wissenschaftsjournalismus 2014.

  • Honecker

    Secret file: Honecker

    25 years ago, Erich Honecker was deprived of his function as state and party leader. ECO Media tells for the ZDF series "history" little-known chapters in the life of the SED leader (Author: Sonja von Behrens).

  • Ernst-Schenider-Nominierung


    The film "Tödliche Deals - deutsche Waffen für die Welt" (ZDFZoom) by Dominic Egizzi and Carsten Binsack ist nominated for the Ernst-Schneider-Preis 2014.

  • Schimmel

    Schimmel Pianos

    Schimmel Pianos from Braunschweig are topic of a documentary ECO Media produces on behalf of the NDR program "Made in Norhtern Germany". The film is commissioned by nordmedia (director: Heinrich Billstein).

  • Adel ohne Skrupel

    Adel ohne Skrupel

    ECO Media produced the documentary Adel ohne Skrupel on behalf of NDR and ARD. The authors Michael Wech and Thomas Schuhbauer put great effort in the research of the shady businesses of the House of Hanover during the NS regime.

  • dbate

    ECO Media launches video platform dbate

    ECO Media will launch the internet platform dbate this fall 2014. dbate will present video diaries, interviews and other content - and offers debates. A few video diaries are already available via the ECO Media youtube channel. More news on dbate coming soon.

  • Wir haben den Pokal

    Sepp Maier - Tapes

    The ECO Media production "Wir haben den Pokal!" shows exclusive backstage footage of the German National Soccer Team of 1990 and 1990. The footage was provided by goal keeper coach Sepp Maier who filmed the team with his private camera for several years. The documentary by Ulrich Stein on behalf of ZDF was broadcasted June 2014.

  • Marco Polo

    Terra X - The Marco Polo Mystery

    On behalf of ZDF Terra X ECO Media is researching the life and travels of the most famous traveller of the Middle Ages. The film by Gabriele Wengler and Sandra Papadopoulos questions if Marco Polo even left Europe at all.

  • Videotagebücher

    Video diaries

    ECO Media produces video diaries – for online platforms as well as for tv stations. The documentaries are available on the ECO Media youtube channel: „My Tsunami – die Katastrophe via Skype“ (2011), „My Revolution – Videodiary from Kiev“ (2014) and „My Life under Erdoğan – Videodiary from Istanbul“ (2014). More video diaries are in preparation.

  • Hanns-Joachim_Friedrichs-Preis

    Hanns-Joachim-Friedrichs-Preis 2014 for Stephan Lamby

    Stephan Lamby is awarded with the Hanns-Joachim-Friedrichs-Prize 2014. The award ceremony will be held in Hamburg on october 22nd 2014.

  • Nominierung DFJP für Preiskampf

    Nomination for German-Franco Journalism Award 2014

    The ECO Media production "Price War - How much is our food worth?" (ARTE) by Klaus Balzer and Romy Strassenburg recieved a nomiation for German-Franco Journalism Award 2014. The award ceremony will be held in Berlin in July 2014.

  • Henry-Kissinger-Filmvorführung

    Henry Kissinger - Film presentation and discussion

    The University of Bonn plans on establishing a new chair in honor of Henry Kissinger. The idea is controversial and has since attracked nationwide attention. On this occasion the award-winning documentary "Henry Kissinger - Secrets of a Superpower" will be shown at the Univerity of Bonn on June 3rd with an afterwards discussion with author Stephan Lamby (amongst others).

  • Goldener Spatz

    Award "Goldener Spatz" for „Loop – Wissen hautnah“

    The show "Loop - Wissen hautnah" hostet by Joyce Ilg and Timo Killer won the „Goldenen Spatz“ in the catergory information/documentary. „Loop – Wissen hautnah“ is produced by fernsehbüro, Berlin, ECO Media, Hamburg and Taglicht Media, Collogne, for "YOLO", an independent programm on RTL.

  • Tanken, rasten, zahlen

    The business of motorway services

    ECO Media produced a documentary on the business of motorway services. The film Tanken, rasten, zahlen – wie Raststätten Kasse machen by Dominic Egizzi is produced on behalf of ZDF Zoom.

  • HM gegen CA

    H&M versus C&A

    On behalf of the ZDF documentary format ZDFzeit ECO Media compares the two fashion giants. In focus are the categories price, quality, style, service and fairness. Directors of film are Franziska Boeing and Marta Werner. The film will be aired on April 1st 2015.

  • Schulz gegen Juncker

    Schulz versus Juncker

    Who will win the Elections to the European Parliament and get in pole position for being selected as EU commission chief? ECO Media studies both candidates during their crucial phase of the election for a 53-minute documentary on behalf of ZDF/arte (directors: Rüdiger Mörsdorf, Michael Wech).

  • Titicacasee

    Bolivia: Lake Titicaca

    The Bolivian Navy performs its service at the highest navigable lake in the world - the Lake Titicaca. Author Manfred Uhlig observed many fascinating stories around the lake for ECO Media's 45-minute documentary on behalf of NDR and ARTE.

  • Stammheim

    Mysterious Places - Stammheim

    Germany's most notorious prison is the object of a documentary commissioned by SWR.


  • Walter Kohl

    Walter Kohl - out of the father's shadow

    How did the wary son of a politician become a person of public interest? The film by Stephan Lamby will be aired on January 23rd on WDR.

  • Erwin Rmmel

    Erwin Rommel

    ECO Media produced a documentary on the legendary and controversial German Field Marshall on behalf of SWR (Director: Thomas Fischer).

  • Otto Brenner Preis

    Otto Brenner Award for ECO Media film on drones

    The ECO Media authors John Kantara and Michael Fräntzel are awarded with the Otto-Brenner-Award 2013 for their documentary on war drones wich was produced by ECO Media for ARD on behalf of WDR.

  • opel2013

    Der Fall Opel

    On behalf of WDR "die story" ECO Media produced a long term documentary on the fight for the the "Opel"-factory in Bochum (author: Klaus Balzer). In 2009 ECO Media already procued a film for ARD on the crisis of the automobile manufacturer.

  • Continental

    "Made in the North of Germany"

    ECO Media produced a documentary on the German technology company "Continental" as a part of the series "Made in Norddeutschland". The film directed by Heinrich Billstein was funded by the film comission nordmedia.

  • BT-Wahl

    Documentary on the Federal election

    ECO Media is producing a documentary on Chancellor Angela Merkel and her political opponent in the German Election Peer Steinbrück (author: Stephan Lamby). 

  • Töten per Joystick

    On behalf of WDR ECO Media prodcued a documentary on the use of war drones. The authors Michael Fräntzel and John Kantara put great effort in producing the film which was shot in Pakistan, Germany and the USA. They cover civil victims of war drones, the remorses of a drone pilot and the convictions of the German Minister of Defense.

  • Politik und Moral

    Ethics and Politics

    On behalf of NDR ECO Media is producing a documentary for ARD on ethics in politics. The film by Stephan Lamby shows broken campaign promises, political contraints among the parlamential parties and white lies during the financial crisis.

  • Wagner

    The Wagner Family and Bayreuth

    On occasion of the 200th anniversary of Richard Wagner ECO Media produced on behalf of SWR and BR a documentary on the history of the legendary opera festival. The film "The Wagner Family and Bayreuth - A German History" (by Michael Strauven) looks behind the "myth of Bayreuth" and will be aired monday, July 22nd on ARD.

  • preiskampf

    Price challenge - how much is our food worth?

    The documentary on behalf of ARTE (authors: Klaus Balzer, Romy Strassenburg) shows the mechanisms and consequences of EU agriculture subsidies.

  • Deutsche Bank

    Too big to fail? Deutsche Bank's scandals

  • Tödliche Deals

    Lethal weapons - German arms for the world

  • Henry Kissinger

    Henry Kisssinger - Secrets of a Superpower

  • Red Bull

    The dark side of Red Bull

    ECO Media produced a documentary on behalf of WDR on "Red Bull". ARD will broadcast the film on Monday, April 29th.

  • Homöopathie

    Record in viewers for ECO Media science production

    The ECO Media production on "Homeopathy" recieved the best viewer ratings of the year in the time slot of the "3sat Wissenschaftsdoku".

  • Duelle Dietrich Leander


    On behalf of WDR and SR ECO Media is producing a new episode of the ARD series: "Duels". Michael Wech compares in his film the lifes of Marlene Dietrich and Zarah Leander.

  • Mein Hafen

    My Harbour Hamburg

    On behalf of NDR ECO Media produced two films for a documentary on the Harbour of Hamburg and its history (directors: Jobst Thomas and Sonja von Behrens).

  • kohlenfuchs

    ECO Media production with highest rating

    The ECO Media production "Typisch! Willi, der Kohlenhändler" (NDR, director: Veit Bentlage) reached with 16% viewer ratings the highest rating of all films in the 18:15-slot so far.

  • Medium

    2nd place for Stephan Lamby: Political journalist of the year

    Stephan Lamby is chosen 2nd place for the "Political Journalist of the year 2012". The election is orgnaized by the "Medium Magazin". The jury consits of 70 renowned journalists.

  • History of the World

    History of the World

    ECO Media produced the German version of the stand ups for the series "History of the World" by BBC.

  • Europa – Nein, Danke!

    Europe - No, thanks!

    ECO Media produces a documentary on the aversions of the British against Europe (director: Dirk Laabs, ARTE).

  • Deutscher Fernsehpreis

    Deutscher Fernsehpreis for Stephan Lamby

  • Deutscher Journalistenpreis für Luft- und Raumfahrt

    German Press Award for ECO Media production

    The ECO Media production "Space Shuttle - End of an Era" (director: John A. Kantara, ZDF/3sat) was awarded the German Journalist Award for Aerospace 2012.

  • Was Macht Merkel

    What's Merkel up to?

    On behalf of WDR ECO Media produced a documentary on Chancellor Merkel and her management of the Euro crisis. Broadcast: 10th December 2012, ARD.

  • Georg von Holtzbrinck Preis für Wissenschaftsjournalismus für ECO Media Autor John A. Kantara

    Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Science Journalism for ECO Media director

    ECO Media director John A. Kantara was awarded with the Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Science Journalism in the category "electronic media" for the ECO Media documentaries "Energiespender Mensch" and "Space Shuttle" (among others) produced for 3sat.

  • TERRA Xpress

    TERRA Xpress

    ECO Media produces several episodes for the ZDF science series "TERRA Xpress" with Dirk Steffens (directors are Carsten Binsack, Franziska Wucholt, Sonja von Behrens, John A. Kantara).

  • Kurt Georg Kiesinger

    Kurt Georg Kiesinger

    Commissioned by SWR ECO Media is producing a documentary about the chancellor, who is still famous for a certain slap in the face. Director Ingo Helm is discovering new aspects to a much discussed and complex character.

  • Deutsch-Französischer Journalistenpreis

    Franco-German Prize for Journalism

    ECO Medias documentary "The Domino Effect - Europe's Biggest Crisis" (ARTE/ZDF)  was awarded with the Franco-German Prize for Journalism.

  • 3sat Wissenschaftsdokus

    sience docs

    For 3sat, ECO Media produces new episodes of sience documentaries (directors John Kantara, Carsten Binsack, Daniel Münter, Christian Bock).

  • Nordreportage

    NDR reports

    On behalf of NDR ECO Media is producing several episodes for "Nordreportage" and "Typisch!" (directors among others: Bettina Pohlmann, Jobst Thomas).

  • Langzeit-Dokumentation für das BMI

    Long term documentary about the new building of the Federal Ministry of the Interior

    On behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior ECO Media is producing a long term documentary about the construction of the new building of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Director is Anne Worst.